Wool Gatherings retreats

We're thinking about doing something a little bit different next year, and adding some smaller wool gatherings. These would be retreats based on fibre crafts, where we get together in accommodation and run some workshops focussing on specific skills.

What we'd like the retreats to include:

  • Accommodation on two nights (Friday and Saturday)
  • Workshops on Saturday and Sunday morning about a specific fibre craft. For example, if the theme of the retreat is crochet, then there would be two workshops about different aspects of crochet.
  • Afternoons free to gather and work on projects, or do whatever you want.
  • All meals included in the price, but on-site self catering facilities for anybody who wants access to them.

We're looking at venues and costs, but we'd also like your feedback first! Could you fill in the survey below to help us shape the idea? Any and all feedback will be very appreciated.

Wool Gatherings retreats
All questions are optional and all responses are anonymous.

Would you be interested in attending a weekend retreat?

What fibre-related craft would you be interested in exploring? Choose as many options as you like.

If you chose 'something else' or want to request a specific skill for a mentioned craft, please let us know what.

Where in the UK would you be interested in attending a retreat?

What would your budget be for a weekend retreat? The retreat fee would include workshops and materials, accommodation, and food.

What time of year would you like to attend a retreat?

Is there any other feedback you'd like to provide?