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Waiting List

Buxton Wool Gathering 2024 and Bakewell Wool Gathering 2024 are full and already have a long waiting list. We do currently have space available at Cumbrian Wool Gathering 2024, but only in the livestock pens. The prices are:

  • Single pen - £120
  • Double pen - £240
  • Animal pen - Free

Each pen is approximately 2.6m x 2.6m. You can choose from one or two connected pens. You can also select a free adjacent pen if you'd like to display livestock. To bring livestock, you'll be responsible for providing food and water, and clearing out the pen. You'll also need to provide the relevant documents to bring your animals to the auction centre.

Tables are £10.00 each and chairs are £5.00 each.

If space fills up, we'll keep this waiting list open, but will only be able to offer space if a confirmed exhibitor pulls out. 

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We are no longer accepting applications for this event.

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