Exhibitor applications

Calling crafty exhibitors… Find exhibitor information here, including how to apply and key dates.

You can find out key dates and exhibitor information below. This includes how to apply. If you haven't applied before you might want to read our tips.

Applications for Buxton Wool Gathering 2024 and Bakewell Wool Gathering 2024 have now closed. Based on the number of applications we received, we won't be opening a waiting list this year. Any space which does become available will be allocated to somebody who applied and was unsuccessful. That means we are unable to accept late applications.

You can apply to join the Cumbrian Wool Gathering waiting list. There is some space available in the livestock pens and we'll backfill if confirmed exhibitors have to pull out.

Our Equality and Diversity policy outlines our commitment to these issues.

1st September - 31st October 2023

Buxton Wool Gathering 2024

Applications open.

1st December 2023

Buxton Wool Gathering 2024

Exhibitors announced by.

1st November - 31st December 2023

Cumbrian Wool Gathering 2024

Applications open.

1st February 2024

Cumbrian Wool Gathering 2024

Exhibitors announced by.

1st March - 30th April 2024

Bakewell Wool Gathering 2024

Applications open.

1st June 2024

Bakewell Wool Gathering 2024

Exhibitors announced by.

Our top tips for a successful application

If you’re applying to us for the first time, we have a few pointers to make your application the best it can be. We usually get more applications than we have space for, so make sure you stand out from the competition.

1. Give us as much information as you can.

If we ask you to tell us something, it’s because we use to make a decision. Social media links, images, description – we need to know who you are and what you do!

2. Tell us what makes you unique.

What makes you different? What do you do that nobody else does? Sell yourself and make us really, really want to see more.

3. Include your best images.

These more than anything help us visualise what makes you stand out from everybody else. Social media links are great for this. They let us see the full range of products you offer.

4. Make sure images are in the right format.

If you’re successful, we include one image on our website as part of the exhibitors list, and one in our brochure. This single image (you can have a different one for each) has to intrigue visitors and make them want to visit your stand. Choose wisely!

Also, it has to crop well to a square format and show clearly in the space we use. On the website this is 250 pixels square, and in the brochure it’s 2.5cm square. That’s not much space at all, so a close up of a product is better than a collage or large image with a lot of detail.

5. Your brochure description is very limited.

There’s only so much space we can give you. It’s 300 characters or less, and we will edit it down if you go over that. It’s better if you to sit and write a brief, tantalising description of your own. See point number 2!

In summary...

you need to make us feel as though we have to give you a place. Make it seem like the show will be missing something if you won’t be there. That’s no easy task but it’s worth it.

If you’ve already registered and forgotten your password, you can request a reminder. Just use the relevant link below the sign-in form. You can save your application and come back to it later if you need to. If you encounter any issues, please contact us by email or through Facebook messenger, and we’ll try to help. If you want to apply in a different way, get in touch.